Traffic Access

Located in the heart of central Germany. Click to enlarge.

The Altenburg "Nord-Ost I-III" business parks are located in the heart of Central Germany and have excellent access to transportation infrastructure:


  • Interstate highway:
c. 12.0 km
c. 23.0 km
c. 35.0 km
c. 37.0 km
  • National roads:

Direct access
Direct access
Direct access
  • Air:

Leipzig-Altenburg Airport: approx 5.0 km
International Halle/Leipzig Airport : approx. 60.0 km

  • Railroad:
The national railroad system can be accessed from the Altenburg Train Station. Trains run directly from here to cities such as Leipzig, Zwickau and Zeitz.

In 2013, Altenburg will be connected directly to downtown Leipzig, the Leipzig Exhibition Center and the Leipzig/Halle Airport by the Central German Rapid-Transit system. In addition, the Altenburg "Nord-Ost I-III" business parks already have excellent traffic links and are located near several urban areas:


  • Kreisstadt Altenburg (35.000 inhabitants):    
c. 3 km
  • Zwickau (94.000 inhabitants):
c. 42 km
  • Leipzig (523.000 inhabitants):
c. 47 km
  • Chemnitz (243.000 inhabitants):
c. 49 km
  • Jena (105.000 inhabitants):
c. 74 km
  • Halle (233.000 inhabitants):
c. 82 km
  • Erfurt (205.000 inhabitants):
c. 122 km
  • Dresden (523.000 inhabitants):
c. 124 km